What's that person's problem?

"I'm not sure. Tell me and i'll figure it out'

Buf0rd Research Group & Ass.

In a land not so far away, sits, somebody. In Chicago, thrives, the group, teh legends. The techie, geeky, yet swagful infosec-pc-network-crypto-web/graphic design, automotive tech, engineer {yep! certified in that also} expert(s). On a serious note. We fix stuff and people.

Morally and semi-professionally obligated to protecting our national infrastructure.

Research, design, [then]fabricate

"At about the age of 10 I realized there is a big chance that I would not typically find things I need off the shelf. I would screw and glue things together to get the end result that worked for my 'toys'. 20+ years later my creative mindset has not changed much." -Adrian

We research, we design, we fabricate. We CNC, 3d print, code, and mold ideas into existance.


Data hosting, VPN/VPS, data backup, & security

"I have made information security, technology, engineering & computing my life for over 16 years and have seen everything. Well.... not everything, but most for sure!" -Adrian [Home lan pictured]

We code. We host...on OUR hardware. We secure. We upgrade. We install. We consult. We network you. We are no swiss-army knife... but what we do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills acquired over a very long career. Skills that make BRG a key player where ever needed. We don't take on any client we cannot fully support. We don't offer to do any job we cannot complete.

SOHO ✓Web hosting ✓Data backup ✓PC building ✓Security ✓Networking

Most things Automotive

"Cars and the automotive aftermarket are usually where I get to improve on my art and really get creative in most cases. I have really deep roots in the automotive industry from my days of racing R&D, event hosting, and car meetups. I also have friends in automotive that I can't get rid of so i'm stuck" -Adrian

Hardware? Pshhhh no sweat. Software. That's a big maybe but hey we'll take a look. In 20 years we have built several vehicles from the frame up. We have coded functionality into vehicle management and designed transmission control modules. To be completely honest.... the desire is always to learn more.


Social media Exposure

"The older I get the more I realize the world is more social than I typically care for personally. The good thing is I understand how it all works professionally and where to find the puzzle pieces" -Adrian

We offer guidance and digital assitance with getting your org/hobby/passion heard.

*We: Typically means just me... Adrian.
**We comply with ALL applicable laws regarding logging, in server locations, where applicable.

Jefferson Park

Chicago, IL

+773 SixSixNine 4022