"We need to watch ads to play together"

    That is what is required for the game, 'Team Sonic Racing', to allow two separate iPads to cross-play. The watching of ads essentially renews a token lease. Pi-hole was not allowing that. I implemented a 30 minute window for my son to do what he needed. Right away the situation reminded me of 'work' with access controls and application whitelisting. The lines that once separated a home network admin and a small business admin are starting to blur due to the number of devices on the average network.

    Did you ever imagine a home LAN looking like this?!

    I did and I love it.

  • A. Buford
  • Aug, 2022

Winner for the most used command

    During a morning meditation a thought came and went. "What is my most used command liner?"

    Very quickly I thought about how often I use sed. The idea was most likely sparted by a conversation I had with my brother. I was doing my best to explain the power of the command line interface (CLI).

    cat [filename] | sed 's/"//g' > [new-filename]

    "Read out the contents of this file and pass it to 'sed'. Hey 'sed'! Replace all the quotation marks with no character". I use it almost daily. $1 if you can guess correctly what it is used for AND why it would be considered abuse.

  • A. Buford
  • Aug, 2022

Samsung Galaxy A53 Case 3d Printed

    I woke up to a finished 3d printed phone case. The fit was a little too tight for my liking near the volume and power buttons. Tinkercad cannot edit a file this large so it was time to start learning FreeCAD. It reminds me of the old drafting days in high school at Lane Tech.

    I learned very quickly that a mesh with 185,929 points, 558,111 edges, and 372,073 faces was not going to be a simple mod. FreeCAD and MeshLab softwares were not having it. Anything over 100,000 can be an issue based on forum research. Essentially, I would be reverse engineering a phone case to be more simple and then printing several versions until I liked the final design. When that amount of effort is involved it is more time efficient to design from the ground up.

    I really want the case to be a 1-piece unit but it seems like that will not be possible unless I use a filament that is has more 'give' than PLA+. I want a case by today(ish) and at this point buying a case would cost less than production of a modified version. Hi Amazon.

  • A. Buford
  • Aug, 2022

Mobile Security Framework (MobSF)[cont]

    I did some more scanning of APK files on APKMirror. No real focus. Goal was to understand the tools' static analysis capabilites and see how well it performed on a VM. I am noticing quite a few hardcoded passwords and keys. I get the opportunity to translate a few different languages in the process. Another tool for the CTF arsenal.

  • A. Buford
  • Aug, 2022

See you at Blackhat : The Conference Associates program

    I will be attending Blackhat 2022 as part of the Conference Associates Program.

    Black Hat's Conference Associate (CA) program is designed to offer information security enthusiasts with an opportunity to connect with researchers and the Black Hat community while serving as support staff for the conference. CA's have the opportunity to liaison with speakers, work in the Network Operations Center (NOC), learn the ins and outs of producing the conference, attend DEF CON and more.

    If you see me say "howdy". I look forward to meeting quite a few people next week! If we take a picture together it will be added to the gallery.


  • A. Buford
  • Aug, 2022

Mobile Security Framework (MobSF)

    I don't believe in coincidences and 3 times in one day I was reminded of 'vehicle API vulnerabilities'.

    Mobile Security Framework (MobSF) is an automated, all-in-one mobile application (Android/iOS/Windows) pen-testing, malware analysis and security assessment framework capable of performing static and dynamic analysis.

    I have had it installed for a little while now and am going to give it some more attention. I wonder what specific work and CTF applications this will come in handy for.

    Until then i'll continue backburner research on the usb microscope software and other randomness.

    I will be following Alissa Knight's Shadow Academy while doing so!

  • A. Buford
  • Aug, 2022