F.A.Q / A.M.A Responses

Inquiries that stood out with permission to use.

Q: What was the most satisfying client you have assisted?

A: We once helped a McDonalds employee track down his stolen phone and attacker(s) after receiving blackmail.

Q: What was the largest job completed?

A: 50+ access points, cat5 cabling, custom security dashboard, rfid access control, server rack, 2 custom Ryzen PCs, +RaspberryPI education lab. All for a great cause!

Q: What was your greatest accomplishment as a group?

A: In 2011[?] as a team we successfully dismantled a botnet and took down an IRC based command control with a wild honeypot.

Q: Who is your leader?

A: That structure doesn't exist here. Everyone is an individual contributor. We lead together.

Q: What is your goal or direction?

A: To aid the average person/organization with resources and direction for seemingly complex information technology, information security, and connected systems related concerns. To be super heros.