Safety first! Then Family.


Code, host, consult , & security

"I have made information security, technology, engineering & computing my life for over 20 years and have seen everything. Well.... not everything, but most for sure! I, personally, just have a passion for technology, systems, security and how it all works. I owned my first issue of 2600 in grade school and at one point considered a computer security conference a GREAT DATE IDEA". I host, design, secure, update, code, and sometimes repeat. I love tech." -A.Buford

Research, design and Fabrication

"At about the age of 10 I realized there is a big chance that I would not typically find things I need off the shelf. I would screw and glue things together to get the end result that worked for my 'toys'... string too. Lots of string. 20+ years later my creative mindset has not changed much. As one gets older the toys and tools are simply just more expensive. Same concept. The growth of computing has allowed the small-lab-home-lab engineer to truly be creative with minimal obstacles." -A.Buford