1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST

Time Attack / #GRID.LIFE 2021 | Race prep & build

Bunch of nada

1700; Decided to not do much since I was not able to do much. I took measurements for a bracket I will need to fabricate for mounting of an aux oil cooler and oil filter relocation kit behind the front bumper on the driver side. In the process I noticed some coolant seepage at the water neck gasket (where it connects to the thermostat housing). It isn't bad but is something I should have noticed upon replacement of the coolant line 10mm away. It may be a result of excessive coolant system psi. Good reminder to replace thermostat. Engine gasket set
Luckily a while ago I purchased TWO complete engine seal and gasket kits that ultimately allow me to rebuild this 4G63T motor 2(ish) times. Money saved = money something.

Up to par(ish)

2300; Took lunch time to put in some work. Changed out the spark plugs, fixed some wiring at ignition module, and disconnected aftermarket tachometer to rule out any possible issue to ignition due to introduced circuit noise. The tachometer is made by Equus and I didn't vet their anything ever. Currently the car runs fine but that doesn't tend to last long with abuse. oil on spark plug sealing ring
I did notice upon removal of (cylinder #3?) spark plug that smoke, burned oil, came out of that port. I believe it corresponds to the plug with the oil around the plug ring landing. The ring oil is most likely due to a leaking valve cover gasket. When the plug was removed chances are good some oil was able to drop down into cylinder while hot creating the smoke. This head will need a rebuild regardless. Parts are on hand. Time is all that is needed. Closed plug gap
I mistakenly lost track of which plug corresponds to which cylinder. The plug gap on one of the cylinders was nearly closed. Due to a break in 'chain-of-custody', again, I cannot verify which clyinder that corresponds to and/or if the plug gap was somehow closed during travel from car to camera. all plugs
Overall the plugs did look similarly worn which is a good thing. Video will be a must going forward for modifications.

There she goes

2200; Ordered some standard 5/8 heater hose from Amazon. I have some stainless steel single ear clamps stocked to finish the job. I've been using them on everything I need to put back together since factory build. Chicago Skyline

1600; Today after a trip to the grocery store the family and I decided to pay my cousin and the car a visit. The Chicago skyline was gorgeous.The battery was slow charged and put on a maintainer since the last late-night visit along with the installation of a new ignition power transistor. I connected the laptop and verified my tune and speed density were still accurate. Two cranks she was running beautifully. We did notice a pinhole leak at the thermostat housing to engine crossover pipe hose. It will be replaced when it gets replaced prior to moving again. It's probably a 5-10 minute repair. Battery will definately need to be changed. Spark plugs will go on next visit along with fresh 110oct (only tune I have available currently) Power transistor and spark plugs

Some thinking

1400: Even though we are apart I still think about you (car). Things to do;
1. Purchase new battery, Optima Yellow D34
2. Disconnect alarm system
9-20-20 Alarm deactivated using first two on raspi controller
3. Verify solid grounds
9-20-20 verified at 14.1v
4. Verify vehicle charging system up to par, 13v+
9-20-20 verified at 14.1v
5. Check timing for possible skip
9-20-20 verified timing accurate
6. Ignition control module / power transistor check + Spark plugs & wires
9-20-20 Verified ignition strong with replacement of transitor
7. Make custom vehicle harness if 1-5 = FAIL.
9-20-20 Vehicle started.

Some true DSM bull$hit

2200: Decided to take the car out to record data from Ecmlink ecu and to have cafe with little bro. All went well until it was time to leave. Car wouldn't start! Jump started with his SUV and I was good to go. That was until I got back onto expressway. Car backfired/misfired and shutdown while driving leaving me stranded on shoulder. Not fun. Stuck on interstate Little bro came through again. Jump start didn't work. We decided best thing to do was remove the front bumper and get a tow truck called out. Called for assist from RaysTowing. They are a family friend AND well respected towing company in the Chicago Area. The bumper fits I had nothing to do with what happened there but... it made me realize my day wasn't so bad. The bumper fits Car was towed to the only other place I would ever trust my vehicles. It will rest there for a short while..I hope. The bumper fits Diagnosis notepad; Dash lights did not come on when car died on eway. Car backfired. Timing belt is intact. Car had idle surge when first jump started. Blinkers were working on their own. Maybe alarm related? Battery discharges. Windows and sunroof were able to be closed when power was provided. Relay heard switching underneath dash. Alarm remote start? Starting system is NOT connected to factory starting system any longer. Push start.
Going to relax a moment.

Locked out, purple rivets, and rain

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2200: A nerd thing to be excited about. A purple rivet that fits PERFECTLY in this angled black bracket! Best part of the day

1400: Called the local Aguilar & Sons Locksmiths to get them to help out. They sent out some dude who could care less to help and started packing things up job unfinished. Decided to call a car key hotline service. They sent someone out and got it done in 1hr on-site. #winning. Dude from ChicagoLocksmith was a huge asshole but hey... car started. It's still raining and ground is saturated. Dad duties call!

0817: It's raining in Chicago. I'm not doing much of anything except a locksmith. I really need a garage I can actually get into. This street life is hard out here.

0500: Great place to start the build log. I will need to give a call to the local locksmith. I cannot find the key and cannot go this weekend without a drive. I'd like to see if I notice any difference with the addition of the rear bumper diffuser installed / cutout. The last couple weeks I did my best with install of front bumper canards and rear diffuser. Placement involved the strategic use of felt, string, masking tape and a couple HUGE air movers. Placement currently reflects optimal flow to side mount intercooler, radiator, transmission cooler, aux oil cooler, and front brakes. In addition I installed a hood vent to help manage the higher temperatures since install of the Precision 5031 turbocharger w/ ARP stainless steel turbo to manifold bolts. (Thank you Fitz)

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1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST | Time Attack / #GRID.LIFE 2021 | Race prep & build

"I have grown a ton and have finally decided to take some more upper level build work into my own hands. Here I will attempt to document my struggles in preping my 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST for the upcoming 2021 Time Attack season. I have always been a function over form person so ...WARNING... this may not be 'for everybody'